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Content Writing

Content is one of the most powerful ways of building a brand and generating sales. We’ll help you create compelling and engaging content that enhances your relationship with existing customers, exposes your brand to potential new customers, and positions you as an industry expert.​

Search Engine Optimization

When your prospects and customers go online, they start with a search engine. Let us help you create an SEO strategy that will make sure your website ranks higher on search results making it easy for customers to find you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is low-hanging traffic you could harness with the right type of content. We’ll help you create a Social Media Strategy that uses smart measurable approaches to convert social media fans to loyal customers.

Web Design

Your website is the foundation of your business’s online presence. Let us help you create a visually appealing, high quality, and responsive website that attracts customers and sells your services more effortlessly.

Video Marketing

Today’s consumers watch more videos than ever before. We’ll help you create marketing videos that engage new audiences, grow brand visibility online, improve social engagement, and enhance conversion rates.

Businesses we Serve

Home builders digital Marketing

Home Builders & Architects

We help architects and home builders sell their services more effectively with digital marketing solutions that generate more leads, increase web traffic, and result in more job bookings.

Our services will help you grow your overall online presence and visibility and increase conversions.

CBD Brands

We understand that marketing your CBD products online comes with many limitations and legal bottlenecks.

However, there are still several strategies that you can use to grow your CBD business online.

Whether you’re a small dispensary, a CBD eCommerce site, or a weed tech company, our digital marketing strategy will catapult your online visibility and help you attract new customers.

CBD Digital Marketing

Landscaping Companies

We help landscaping companies set themselves apart with digital marketing solutions that generate more leads, increase web traffic, and result in more job bookings.

Our services will help you grow your overall online presence and visibility and increase conversions.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Thank tor the great work you’ve done so far and being reliable. Back in March I was averaging 3-10 users a week and now it’s over 50 a week.
Alex Wentford
Vintage Camera Retailer
“Stephen is an amazing writer with a true passion for his craft. I enjoyed working with him. He is punctual, enthusiastic, and confident. I have built a great relationship with Stephen and will definitely use his services again in the future. I highly recommend him to others with high praise.”
Sunny Gosal
CEO: Bushido Code
“Steve, you're a great person with an excellent work ethic. What you have helped me create will assist the lives of many people. I only attract the best so it's no wonder I attracted you. Thank you for giving your best.”
Dante P.
Owner: Black Shashamane

Why Choose Us?

The goal of Bush Creatives is to help personal financial service companies, architects, Landscaping companies, and CBD brands grow their revenue with results-oriented, no fluff digital marketing.

Our experience and training make us uniquely qualified to spearhead your digital marketing efforts in the most efficient and result-oriented way possible.

You’ll love working with us because…

  • We get it done on time.
  • We use the most current marketing and consumer psychology research to create well-targeted content that drives
  • We’re passionate about our craft. We’ll go over and beyond to ensure we deliver PURE GOLD.

When you work with us, expect real results — More traffic to your website, more social media engagement, and better conversions.

Sounds Good?

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Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure about your business’s best marketing approach or how well your digital marketing strategy is performing, we can help.

A digital marketing audit is a great way to get a detailed evaluation of the strategies you use to build an online presence. With an audit, you also get advice on how to improve your process.

We’ll provide you with a written report of your strategies, including

  • Your current Google rankings
  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO recommendations
  • Speed testing

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